Costa Rica Massage Retreat

Couples Retreat and Small Group Workshops

Playa Sámara, Costa Rica

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Learn more about your partner through massage and reflexology

Connect or reconnect with your spouse, loved one, or perhaps your future spouse.  Small groups can learn about massage, reflexology, and the healing powers of therapeutic touch.  Whether it is for a friends' getaway, a time to reconnect after the kids went to college, or you are celebrating your honeymoon and want to start right, this beautiful and unique experience awaits you in Costa Rica.

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Sunset in Buena Vista

Enjoy Costa Rica

Walk the beach. Ride horses through the jungle. Enjoy daily Therapeutic Massage.  Experience nature up close.  Hike through the hills.  Fly between trees on a zip-line.  Visit waterfalls.  See a volcano.  Learn to surf.  Enjoy a Reflexology Treatment.  Take a day trip to the cloud forest.  Tour a butterfly garden.  Experience a Couple's Massage Lesson.  Taste local cuisine.  Hear the monkeys howl.  Drive on an ATV.  Enjoy fresh fruits from the trees.  Take a sea kayak to an island.  Practice yoga on the beach.

Glenn, Cheryl, and Skyler Adams


We are super excited to introduce you to this special place we call home and the love we have for life here. Sámara is a beach town that still retains much of its fishing village feel.  Many people describe Sámara as magical and continue to return to it, staying longer each visit.  This beautiful country and culture welcomed us and now we can share this incredible Massage Retreat experience with you.

Costa Rica breathed new life into us. Now it's your turn to allow this rejuvenating vacation to enhance your life.

It's all about you! (And it includes daily massage)

Daily therapeutic massage and instructional workshops

Feel better in your bodies and happier in your relationship by learning couple's massage.  This is a unique retreat in which you apply to attend, and should you be chosen, we do extensive interviewing to match your unique needs including any physical discomforts or injuries to determine the best treatment for you.  

You and your partner will each receive a massage session with Cheryl and discuss what you liked most about your session. The massage lesson will then consist of learning to give a massage specifically that your partner will enjoy.

Couples and small groups

Massage sessions and lessons are customized to allow for more professional massage or more massage training based on where your interest lies.  This is a terrific way to connect with your partner and learn to listen to your bodies together.  This is not a professional certification program for massage. This is an introduction to massage and a great way to connect with your partner while helping ease their aches and pains.

Touch is one of the most basic human needs. From infants to elderly, studies show the effects of touch can be profound. Whether it's a hand reassuringly placed on the small of your back, the gentle squeeze of an arm across your shoulders, or a tender hand caressing your cheek, so much emotion can be conveyed through touch.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers a little bit of everything and travel sites rave about all it has to offer. The animals are diverse, beautiful and interesting, and so is the land.  From the dry forest along the Pacific Ocean, the Cloud Forest, and the tropical forest on the Caribbean side...This country is teeming with life. The water is clean and full of nutrient rich minerals any are a factor in the longevity of the Costa Ricans.  Living in Costa Rica means you are most likely spending much of your time outside and actively enjoying life and community.

Eco-tourism and Culture

If you have heard people talk about Costa Rica, perhaps you have wondered if it is all hype. Costa Rica tourism attracts over 2 million travelers each year, and for us it's the real deal. Costa Rica has some of the happiest people on earth. We live in a Blue Zone on the Nicoya Peninsula, one of only 5 in the world, with some of the longest living people on earth.  Family is super important here.  These centenarians tend to live with their families, and children or grandchildren provide them with support and a sense of purpose and belonging.  We have long living happy people here spreading their smiles around.  Make sure to say "buenos días" or good-day to the elders whenever you can and you'll see this.

Picture yourself enjoying paradise

Imagine yourself feeling better in your body, happier in your life, and taking time to be good to your body. Start your morning drinking coconut water and walk the beach before receiving your daily scheduled massage.  Reconnect with your body, learn specific self care techniques, and begin to give yourself freedom from pain and discomfort.  In the afternoon take an adventure hike to a secluded beach for the sunset and come back to town for music and dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Sámara is a safe and friendly town, a perfect haven for rejuvenation.  Let the sweet sound of the ocean waves ease your cares while receiving therapeutic massage.  Feel great starting your day with yummy fresh coconut water, fresh fruits, a walk on the beach, yoga, and massage. Our location is in the town of Samara and most everything is in walking distance. The house is a traditional open-air Tico-style home with a beautiful yard that leads right to the beach.

Massage on the Beach

Experience a renewed view on life

Often people spend the vast majority of their lives rushing through the day, dealing with stress on a constant basis, and not able to be present in the moment. Relaxation is not a natural response when we are constantly in this state of fight or flight. You may have been told 'You need to learn how to relax'. It's true! Luckily it can be learned.  How best to learn something?  Begin by experiencing it.  By the way, we found it's MUCH easier to experience it here.

​We absolutely love and prefer this quaint and simple setting with culture, nature, and a village atmosphere. It's what we do and what we love. Your schedule can be full of action and adventure or it can be all about relaxing on the beach. You will feel refreshed and will be better able to embrace life upon your return home.

Dan Fitzgerald massage client

A wonderful, wonderful massage in paradise, one I'll remember. If I quit my job and move my family to Samara, it's entirely Cheryl's fault. A meditative, gentle environment, and a professional, knowledgeable, talented massage therapist. My wife and I went back to back, and agree on the 5 star rating, and we've had massages st Esalen, Kripalu, Omega, and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Thank you, Cheryl!

Client testimonial for Cheryl Adams, owner and massage therapist

A day in paradise

The sun rises around 5:30 the morning and sets around that same time 5:30 in evening every day all year. The Costa Rican people tend to live by the sun, especially in the rural areas.  Following this rhythm surely is factor in to the longevity or long life of the people in this Blue Zone on the Nicoya Peninsula.  It is recommended you follow a similar rhythm for your stay.  Rise with the sun and rest after it sets.

A typical day during a week long couples retreat might look something like this:

​6:00 am free time morning beach walk
7:00 am Fruit and coconut water available.
8:00 am Beach Yoga available
9:30 Massage Instruction
 - Review and discuss session from the night before (neck and shoulders)
 - Lesson: What your partner likes, Pressure, Contraindications
 - Full body massage lesson 1 hour each
12:00 pm Tico lunch provided
1:00 pm Free time afternoon: Chosen activities such as surfing, horseback ride, or just walking around town and relaxation by the beach
5:00 pm Dinner Reservations
7:00 pm Evening Foot soaks and Reflexology treatments before bed.

You can view a full sample Couples Retreat One Week Itinerary

Front Yard of The Relaxation Spot

Tailored to you

Massage, therapeutic touch, and couples yoga are all used in this retreat as a basis to promote health in ourselves and as a connection to other people, especially important ones such as our partner.  You will be receiving massage from an experienced therapist as well as guided instruction in therapeutic touch to help other people.  Each day you may receive for example a 60 or 90 minute massage, a 30 minute reflexology treatment, and between 1 to 2 hours of lessons.  A full day of a weekly retreat includes multiple hours of bodywork.  Plan to eat healthy food and stay hydrated.  A week long retreat may include 15 hours or more of massage instruction and hands-on massage by a therapist.

Free-time is built in to the schedule and we will work with you to make sure you can relax or to fill that time as much as you want.  Not only are we able to help with scheduling activities, excursions, and adventures, we also have local resources we can call upon for couples therapy, counseling, business consulting, and an array of people offering and teaching various lifestyle and healthy living skills.

Child care is available.  We work with a great nanny and also a wonderful local day care.  There are a number of options for children to have things to do during your stay.  If this has your attention, please contact us to discuss!

​The itinerary activities and duration will be altered as needed for every retreat because we will be working with you from the very beginning of your trip planning. Not only do we want to make sure that during your stay we are providing the education in therapeutic touch and the connection you want with your partner, but we want to make sure your connection extends to the community, food, places, and enjoying the daily free-time activities that are right for you.