Our Story

Cheryl's interest in Costa Rica began in High School when she embarked upon a volunteer trip, visiting Costa Rica as a volunteer changed her forever it was one of those experiences that stays with you and she knew she would return again. When Cheryl became a certified massage therapist in 2001 she searched for a school in Costa Rica, however, none existed, yet. Cheryl chose a reputable school in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy. From day one she knew she'd made the right choice and massage was her destiny.

Costa Rica took a back seat as Cheryl dove into the world of massage, she still knew deep down in her soul she needed to get back to Costa Rica. In 2007 her googling Massage School in Costa Rica finally returned a match. When she saw an immersion program with 17 different instructors in Costa Rica and she knew Samara was exactly where she needed to be. The timing was perfect Pennsylvania licensure was going to change and that meant sitting for a big long test (which Cheryl detests) and the perfect excuse for a life changing experience and her return to Costa Rica.  Cheryl threw herself into her studies, making sure to pay extra to receive massage from all the instructors in the program and get as much from the experience as possible.  After about two months Cheryl realized she'd been so focused on schooling she'd barely left the campus to experience the town around her...when she did she fell in love with this town...

Hi, I am Cheryl Adams.

My interest in massage started as a child walking on my dad’s back and rubbing the shoulders of friends. I knew early on that massage was a part of my calling.

I attended school in the USA at Pennsylvania Institute of Massage in the year 2000 right out of High School and instantly knew I’d made the right choice in careers.  Over the years, my passion for massage and helping people feel better has expanded to include yoga teacher training and teaching massage at schools in the US and in Costa Rica.

Much of my career I’ve work with clients from all over the world who were suffering from chronic pain and addiction to pain medication.  Helping people feel better in their bodies and recover from injuries through regular massage and healthful lifestyle is truly my passion.

​I first visited Costa Rica to volunteer in High School.  I instantly fell in love with Costa Rica and part of my dream of becoming a massage therapist was the ability to do massage anywhere in the world.

Sámara is a beautiful town for rejuvenating tired bodies and souls.  Prioritizing our our health in our busy daily lives can can be challenging, so take take time for massage!

My sessions cater to the individual needs of my clients and I pull from a range of eastern and western styles, techniques, and 15+ years of experience.

Cheryl Adams


  • Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy – 2001
  • Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy CRSMT – 2008
  • RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training (280+ hours) – Downdog Yoga, Reading, Pennsylvania USA – 2009
  • Yin Yoga Teach Training – Downdog Yoga, Reading, Pennsylvania USA – 2009
  • Massage Instructor Training (275 hours) at Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy CRSMT
  • Additional 280+ hours Yoga Teacher Training – Downdog Yoga, Reading, Pennsylvania USA – 2011
  • Additional training in Reiki Level 1, Cancer (oncology) massage, Neuromuscular Therapy NMT, Cranial Sacral

My interests include: Exploring with my 2 year old son, Hiking or climbing to beautiful vistas, family time, animals, fresh fruits and vegetable, experiencing other cultures, travel, seeing the world through a child's eyes, writing children's books, getting massages and spa treatments, eating sushi, spa products, living simply, sunshine, warm breeze, and walking though my favorite town in the world... Sámara