Pura Vida. Pure LIfe. This is a phrase that has been adopted by Costa Rica. I believe it’s because people are living life in the moment, they aren’t caught up in those trivial things that don’t really matter, family and friends are really important and so is what time high tide is to go surfing. Taking time to value people and nature around you, that’s pura vida. Being Healthy and Happy, that’s Pura Vida...things running slowly and not always meeting your expectations....that’s Pura Vida, maybe you shouldn’t worry about whatever wasn’t meeting your expectations, maybe you should go to the beach or spend time with family...

The people here in Costa Rica are some of the friendliest and therefore some of the happiest people you’ll meet. They graciously share their country with us and are so very proud that Costa Rica is loved by people throughout the world.

If you are wanting to learn Spanish while you are here we can arrange for you to attend group classes at the language school close by to The Relaxation Spot or private lessons. Regardless of your level of Spanish Costa Ricans are typically very patient with those trying to use Spanish and many have some level of English, we are typically around to help if necessary.