While I’m thinking of what to write about Nature in Costa Rica, I’m listening to birds chirp and howler monkey’s howl, watching leaf cutter ants march valiantly toting their treasures. I’m waiting on a regular visit from the family of pizotes that stop by to enjoy what would be our compost pile except it never lasts more than an afternoon, there’s an iguana munching on fruit scraps while basking in the sunshine, the squirrels are high up in the palm trees working hard to taste the sweet water of a young coconut. Butterflies flutter by (more than 10% of the worlds butterflies live here), the squawk of a gecko that will have you looking every which way for a bird, tiny pink winged stingless honey bees dancing about, the ocean roars majestically - watching the crashing ocean waves is completely captivating, a long slow walk along Samara’s expansive beach will bring you more in touch with your soul, low tide is magical. A barefoot journey along this beach feel like a journey with in giving insight into where you are in the world and where you are in your life. Beauty is inspiring. All of this nature is a barefoot walk away from The Relaxation Spot, the head quarters of Costa Rica Massage Retreat. Most of this you can enjoy without leaving your hammock. Although we suggest you do, from time to time. There are lovely hikes with amazing vistas, awesome horse back rides with local guides, dolphin boat tours and snorkeling, ziplining, guided nature hikes. I highly recommend you will gain a new appreciation for the forest around you. Nature has a beautifully laid plan and discovering it is fascinating. Perhaps what I love most about Nature in Costa Rica is the feeling that we are sharing this space and not to be fearful of one another.

Rainy Season aka Green Season


Dry Season

The country is relatively small but has 12 climactic zones. Seasons are not the same in all regions of Costa Rica but generally there are two major seasons in this tropical paradise. The dry season lasts from December to April and the rainy season also known as green season is from May to November. This is very true of our location in Playa Sámara. Locals do feel there are four seasons. Sometimes it can feel very hot to someone from higher latitudes.