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Contact us if the dates you want are not listed.

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We are here to help with scheduling your event

The dates I'm looking for do not show any events available - We can look at our calendars together with you and make something happen. Not all availability and/or blackout dates are shown in the calendar and event list. Send an email with dates you are looking for. We will help with the scheduling.

The dates I need are already full - There a chance that we can add a few more people to a set of dates. For week-long stays the on-site room may be reserved and we can find a place nearby for your stay. For workshops, a few more people should be no problem and we just might need to plan a few more resources. Email us with the dates you are interested in and the number of people you have.

The number of people in my group is greater than the available spots - If the dates you want are currently all available then we can plan fully around your group, likely adapting to your number. If some spots are already reserved for a week event or a workshop, then it's a similar case to if the event was and full and we need to make sure we meet the expectations of all involved. We want to be known for a quality experience, not numbers.

I'm travelling solo and would like to know more about how that might work for me - Solo travelers have a unique travel experience and we know that it can be wonderful but also a little more intimidating. We very much intend to make sure that if someone wants to join us for a week then we do our best to make that happen. We will talk with you to make sure your concerns are addresses. If you need this to be exclusive, we may even be able to make the week just about you.

Electronic booking or not, we work with you to plan your stay

This a a unique and niche experience and we are going to be working with you from the beginning right up through your stay.  First of all, since this is based on Massage Therapy, you will be working with someone right away over the email, phone, or video chat to talk about goals and expectations.  We're not just being funny when we say this is a massage appointment that includes a vacation.

We live here and are opening our doors to you.

We are not a mega-resort.  The infinity pool is the ocean, though there are a few pools around town at some hotels and restaurants.  Surfboards are down the beach at the surf school, not at the house though maybe we'll get a few someday.  It's not luxury, but it's great.  We are right on the beach and we love it.

We are your concierge

This starts as soon as you book or email us and extends through your stay.  You can decide how busy you want to be during your stay.  Your vacation retreat already includes a focus on daily massage, workshops, and lessons on couples massage and reflexology.  If you want to relax at the house, walk around town, or bum on the beach all day, that's perfect.  Or you can tell us you want your stay to be packed full of adventure, zip-line tours, ATV trips, horseback rides, hikes to hidden beaches, surfing, paddle-boarding, and more.