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Julie Bray

Julie Bray

Juls, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Love Coach

Juls received her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from The University of Texas Permian Basin. She worked as a Psychology lecturer at UTPB and had a private practice in Texas where she was licensed as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) working with couples and individuals.

Juls received her counseling continuing education credits and was trained by the world renowned physician and author, Dr. Deepak Chopra in Meditation. She received Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training from the man himself, Dr. Beck and attended conferences with some of the world’s top Psychologists and Physicians including—Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Dan Siegel, and bestselling Author and American Buddhist Jack Kornfield to name a few.

When she left her practice in Texas she set out on a soul seeking journey delving deep to seek non-traditional ancient knowledge from healers in India, Thailand and Peru. In Peru Juls received the ancient Munay-Ki rites of the Shaman, one of her most prized accomplishments.

Juls combines her worldly knowledge in an eclectic approach to give her clients the best of science and ancient wisdom. Your session with Juls will be tailored to fit your specific needs. She draws on knowledge from many concepts to heal body, mind and soul.

Some of the techniques used may include a combination of:

  • Individual, Group and Couples Therapy
  • Individual, Group and Couples Meditation training
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Individual and Couples biofeedback therapy
  • Nature Connection therapy
  • Soul Talk – a unique approach to communication combining relaxation and/or meditation to connect on a soul level with your partner.
  • Juls is available for online follow up skype sessions to help integrate the learned concepts into daily life.

Juls is also the author of her award winning memoir, The Year of The Frog, a very adult fairy tale come true about her own journey seeking love. Her newest book to be published soon, PachaMama Prattle is her most creative endeavor combining her love of nature, meditation, poetry and art. Find her author works on Amazon and iBooks under her pen name “Juls Amor”, a name she chose to honor her soul and her Mother’s maiden name “Love”.

Juls writes blogs dedicated to promoting healthy love and peace. Find her on Facebook under Juls Amor.

Blogs: www.JulsAmor.com

Email: JulsAmor@yahoo.com